Cordelia is English and started her career first on Fleet Street and then as a freelance journalist in Cairo. Branching out, she joined a development project that was introducing personal computers into Egyptian government offices (Apple IIE in the early 80s).

Her niche became developing information systems for humanitarian projects. She was one of the founding members of a Drought and Famine Early Warning System in Sudan in 1985. She developed payrolls in several countries, a rice quantity accounting system in Sierra Leone, a spare parts tracking system in Sudan and an aid commodity tracking system in Ethiopia.

In the late 90s while living in Ethiopia she managed to get one of the first internet connections in the country and started developing websites. A few years later in Ghana she became a social business entrepreneur and founded eShopAfrica.com, an ecommerce portal creating sustainable businesses for traditional African artisans.

In 2002 Cordelia moved to Rome where she’s still based. She specializes in advocacy and communication for non-profits and since 2009 she has been the lead planning and communication coordinator for the UN Committee on World Food Security.

She is a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation and is launching a new  online coaching and mentoring platform РDemistifi.com Рto support women entrepreneurs. 00

Cordelia speaks Arabic, Italian and French. She is the sister of Rebecca Salter, Keeper of the Royal Academy of Arts, London.