Cordelia SalterHello there. Thanks for stopping by. I’m always interested in interesting work (if that’s why you’re here).  These are some of the things I’m good at:

Communication and advocacy for non-profits Currently Lead Planning and Communications Coordinator, UN Committee on World Food Security.

Mentoring and coaching women entrepreneurs Mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Faster Capital. Find out more on my mentoring website

Social Business Entrepreneur Founder of creating sustainable businesses for traditional African artisans

Publisher, short story writer, journalist My latest short stories, Queen Idia’s Africa, are available on Amazon in Kindle and Print format.

I’m currently researching the history of The Bead Trade between Africa and Europe since the middle ages. I have a collection of beads that tell an interesting story of how trade influenced design and vice versa.

I also facilitate workshops and panel discussions, develop and deliver training, organize events, develop brands, edit and rewrite documents (skilled at eliminating development speak)

And when I’m not doing any of these things, I like being with Mocha and Truffle – you can see why!

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