Cordelia is a business mentor and coach for women entrepreneurs. She has been a social entrepreneur herself so knows what it’s like to set up a business. Visit her business mentoring website for more.

With decades of experience in the non-profit world Cordelia is also open for other opportunities. Here are some ideas:

Strategic communication for non-profits: Cordelia has extensive experience of putting together effective communication strategies that deliver from advocacy to fundraising.

Cordelia Salter

Conferences and events: Cordelia has successfully rolled out many events ranging from from highly complex UN governing body sessions to NGO collaborative events.

Editing and repurposing content: In the non profit world jargon is everywhere which means that important messages can be lost. Cordelia is good at repurposing jargony or obscure content making it easy for readers to understand the message.

ePublishing: From time to time Cordelia publishes on Kindle. Visit her bookshelf.

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